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Laser Scanning

Efficient technology for the detection of digital terrain and surface models (DGM, DOM and 3D objects), many different applications. Flood protection, modeling, planning, asset management.

Helicopter Corridor Mapping

Efficient technology for simultaneous acquisition of high-resolution digital terrain and surface models (DTM and DSM) as well as stereo imagery. Many different applications.

Helikopter Laserscanning

Aerial Image Flights

Recording of aerial image data as PAN or RGBI Data for the creation of orthophotos and / or digital terrain models, application for the production of maps and plans, 3D stereo data acquisition.

Photogrammetry (DTM, DSM, DOP)

The three-dimensional representation as a planning base for building projects and for the documentation of large areas, basis for city base maps, thematic cadasters, route plans, land surveys. Terrain and Surface Models as well as digital, topographical and thematic maps.


UAV Flights

Unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) are equipped with GNSS, autopilot and camera and carry out image measurement flights fully automatic; Applications are very diverse, e.g. Forestry, agriculture, environmental tasks, construction site documentation, safety, response in disaster areas and more.

Engineering Surveying

Determination of highly accurate 3D coordinates is the basis for all work with spatial reference, e.g. design and measurement of basic networks, design and inventory measurements according to RAS-Verm, BFR surveying, engineering and construction surveying.


GIS Applications

BLOM has many options for data collection, data management, visualization and analysis, as well as the corresponding delivery capacities for geographic information.

Railway Surveying

Precise, three-dimensional surveying for the installation of control point networks along the tracks, the survey of railway assets, the preparation of specialized plans, etc. are the fundaments of qualified and absolutely certain planning documents and documentation.



BlomOBLIQUE™ databases are a unique new technology that allows georeferenced oblique views of four different sides for each object. The data allows to change the perspective of the view, orientate, localize and measure objects by simple means.

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