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Complex Projects

In complex projects the various areas of service of BLOM Deutschland GmbH are used to cope with projects. Here, data collection, evaluation and interpretation as well as derivation of products are used.

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Railway Applications

Overview of all special railway applications of BLOM Deutschland GmbH. At present, BLOM is the only company that holds all 5 framework contracts for the survey of Deutsche Bahn.

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Whether road, waterways, rail or pipelines, as BLOM, we are at home anywhere and can apply our portfolio to all corridors, especially with helicopter corridor mapping you have 3 high quality data sources at once: stereoscopic (vertical) images, oblique images and laser data for further use.

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Partner Projects

The g.on aimPort product from g.on experience gmbh provides a web-based geoportal for the documentation and administration of complex infrastructures. BLOM surveys the base data for this purpose.

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Projekte mit Partner