Complex projects

Complex projects – combination of all service areas

Example of Deutsche Bahn AG on the basis of the network extension Hamburg by the railway line S4

Hamburg: The new railway track S4 is to be disembarked from the existing network at the S and regional railway stop Hasselbrook and run parallel to the route Lübeck-Hambourg via Rahlstedt to Ahrensburg and Bad Oldesloe. The route thus corresponds to the course of the regional train line RB81, which between 1966 and 2002 tariffed as far as Ahrensburg as S-Bahn and under the designation S4 led. For the extension of the route is planned between Hasselbrook and Ahrensburg a two-tracked, to Gartenholz a single-track suburban train line, then changed the trains of the S-Bahn into the long-distance railway network and reach over this Bad Oldesloe. The new tracks would have a length of approximately 17.3 km, the total distance to Bad Oldesloe was 35.9 km.

The S4 is an example of surveying complex projects that BLOM Deutschland GmbH processes for DB AG.

The service was divided into three phases:

1. data collection

2. data processing

3. data modeling.

The following services have been provided:

  • Collection of basic geographic data of the design planning phase S4 Hamburg Hasselbrook – Bad Oldesloe (approx. 26 km) based on helicopter laser scanning and aerial photography as well as Field comparison and supplementary measurements IVL population and topography.

Performance components were:

o Geodetic control point measurements
o Data processing
o Geometrical processing Image and laser data
o Stereo evaluation of aerial images
o classified surface model
o Orthophotomosaic and elevation plans
o Preparation of measured values
o CAD Editing
o Point data files
o Implementation of real estate cadastre
o Intersections with third party data
o Plandata production in the scales 1: 500 and 1: 1,000 as well as delivery according to data model DB AG
o DB-GIS update


Komplette Punktwolke (DGM und DOM) nach DOP eingefärbt
Komplette Punktwolke (DGM und DOM) nach DOP eingefärbt