Partner projects

Exampe of a Partner Project

G.on experience gmbh, Munster, is an inter-branch IT service provider and software developer with a focus on geoinformatics and geo-asset management in the areas of infrastructure management, energy supply, industry and administration. The multidisciplinary team of more than 25 employees consists of geoinformatics, computer scientists, engineers, geographers and technicians of various disciplines. G.on offers the appropriate professional and technical competence to solve many tasks and to achieve the goals of its customers.

The main product g.on aimPort is a web-based geoportal for the documentation and administration of complex infrastructures. G.on aimPort is based on Oracle technology. Not least because of this standard, the software fits easily into the IT environment of every company.

An extremely valuable asset for many companies are data. The database for an aimPort system environment are spatial data from an Oracle Spatial or Oracle Locator database. Data are not stored in proprietary formats, which cannot be used by other systems or can only be used to a limited extent. Rather, aimPort understands itself as an application for the use of data from special-purpose expert systems (for example, LIDS, Geomedia, CAFM, or CAD systems, etc.). These data are made accessible to a large user group in a cost-efficient way with an intuitive user interface.

In this collaboration, BLOM provides data. They are obtained by an image flight, DOPs are processed and a stereo restitution according to the corresponding specification of the g.on experience gmbh will take place for further processing in g.on aimPort.

Organizations with extensive properties keep g.on aimPort with a precise overview of spatial information about their premises as well as economic data on individual objects. Nowadays, the users belong to site operators of industrial plants, chemical, office and commercial parks. They have enormous areas with many different buildings, land and equipment. The large amounts of data involved must be documented and managed in detail.

Just organizations whose infrastructure is often changing have a need for planning and administration tools such as aimPort. This is particularly the case at airports. At German airports there is a continuous change and refurbishment in infrastructure. At the same time, the airport operations must continue; under these conditions the staff must be informed more precisely about its activities, each activity is linked with others. A great challenge for planners and organizers. In addition, European airports are required to maintain their aeronautical data according to an ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality) standard. G.on provides the solution with the aimPort ADQ template. For this reason, a large number of German airport operators have opted for the use of g.on aimPort as a company solution or as a SaaS solution.